Loads of Dr Who goodies: “Zygon Inversion” sneak peeks and intro, more LEGO Doctor Who, and hints to Clara’s impending departure

Advance reviews for part two are looking very good.  😉  To tide us over, they’ve given us these sneak peeks (possibly a bit spoilery, I’ll warn):

And this non-spoilery but very intriguing intro — is Ingrid Oliver giving us a clue as to how to tell the Osgoods apart?
Meanwhile, Warner Brothers is in talks with the BBC to get the Doctor into the upcoming sequel to The LEGO Movie!  It won’t screen until 2018, so we might be onto Doctor #13 by then; no telling if they’d use that Doctor or the current one, or what.  Certainly using the Doctor gives them a *lot* of storytelling options.  Options which reportedly are put to good use in the LEGO Dimensions level pack coming out tomorrow!
And lastly, Peter Capaldi gave an interview hinting at a sad end for Clara — but not sad in the way we think, and it will play out over a few weeks apparently.

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