Heaven Sent Sneak Peek!

The highly anticipated solo Doctor outing, “Heaven Sent”, will arrive on our screens this weekend.  As we Americans prepare for the long Thanksgiving weekend, we can look forward to a lot of speculation over the turkey!  The BBC has given us this to chew on in the meantime.  It’s a little more of what we’ve seen in the TV trailer:


But not just that; they’ve also given us the now-traditional introduction video:

Thing is . . . it sounds very much like this place is meant to be a sort of hell for the Doctor.  Or, perhaps, literally hell?  Hell for Time Lords?  Who knows?  But there’s just one thing that puzzles me.

If this is Hell, why is this one “Heaven Sent” and the finale “Hell Bent”?

Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?  But I rather think that whatever this place is, it isn’t quite what any of us thinks.



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2 responses to “Heaven Sent Sneak Peek!

  1. The Whovian Complex

    so intense

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