LISA Flies, Cygnus Waits, and Hayabusa 2 Waves

The Atlas V launch of the OA-4 Cygnus flight was scrubbed due to bad weather at the Cape — mostly rain and fog at the launch site.  They will try again tomorrow, but there is only a 30% chance of favorable weather.  The forecast remains gloomy for several days, after which they start running into conflicts with ISS scheduling as there are other vehicles scheduled to visit the ISS this months.  Cross your fingers!

But the Vega launch of LISA Pathfinder was a complete success!  The technology demonstrator for the upcoming multinational LISA gravity probe mission is on its way to L1.

And last of all, the Japanese Hayabusa 2 probe visited Earth today, zipping on past to tweak its course to asteroid 162173 Ryugu.  This is a follow-on from the partially successful Hayabusa probe, which performed the first sample return from an asteroid, but incorporating lessons learned from that spacecraft, so this one should perform even better.  Here’s an animation of the flyby:

And here’s a view of Earth and Moon taken by Hayabusa 2 while on a approach a few days ago:



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