Falcon 9 launch and landing videos!

This is so cool.  😉  Here’s the full webcast, as it ran live, including all the massive geeking out and pure unadulterated joy when it nails the landing:

Stunning closeup video of the landing from a helicopter:

And lastly, dawn rises on the spent Falcon 9 first stage, as a crane is attached to prepare to move it back to SLC-40 (presumably) for a ground test firing to prove that it has endured the flight and return.  This stage is not expected to actually fly again; I would expect it will be subjected to destructive testing to look for signs of stress fatigue instead.

And then there’s this awesome timelapse photo released by SpaceX, taken from the roof of the Vehicle Assembly Building.  The long streak is the launch track.  The short streak up high is the reentry burn.  The short streak that goes to the ground is the landing burn.  Pretty cool.  😉



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