Making an Impact: Apollo 16 S-IVB Found!

Yesterday, I wrote about LRO’s astonishing new Earthrise image, and today I’ve got something else for you from LRO.  This is a little old, but better late than never.  😉  Early this month, the LRO team announced that they’d found another piece of history — the impact site of the Apollo 16 S-IVB.apollo-16-s-ivb-impact-site-seen-by-lro

All the other S-IVBs that had impacted were easier to find because telemetry from the boosters had been maintained pretty much right up to impact.  But this one had gone silent before impact, so its precise trajectory was unknown.  But with a bit of patience, the team was able to find it.  Craters like this are invaluable, because their precise age is known, as well as the size and nature of the impactor.  Studying the weathering of the crater helps to improve crater dating methods.  This one is still very young, of course, but now that it has been found, it too can be monitored.


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