Doctor Who will get a new showrunner in 2018

Stephen Moffatt has been at the reins of Doctor Who for four seasons now, plus “The Day of the Doctor”.  He’s taking another slow year; we’ll have just one Christmas Special this year, before Stephen Moffatt helms his fifth season of Doctor Who in the spring of 2017.  Reason being: it’s going to be his last, and BBC One Controller Charlotte Moore wants to make a big event out of it, fearing that other big events in 2016 including the Olympics will dilute viewership.

So Moffatt is now working on Series 10, and a successor has been chosen: in 2018, Chris Chibnall will take over for Series 11.  Chibnall currently is helming the acclaimed Broadchurch drama, and of course previously worked on Torchwood and has also written for Doctor Who already.  Which does still leave one other question . . .

. . . who will be the new companion?  We still don’t know that yet either.  Hmmmm…..


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