Amazing 360 video of a Delta IV launch – up close and personal!

ULA has a reputation now for putting out awesome launch videos, but they’ve definitely outdone themselves on this one.  This is a 360 video, which means that if your browser supports it, you can pan around freely during the video in all directions.  It’s also compatible with VR headsets, which would allow you to just look around as if you were really there.  But really where?  The second half of the video, showing the actual launch, is filmed from right at the pad, where no human is permitted during launch.  So here you get to experience a rocket launch, from the pad, as if you were actually there.  It’s awesome!

This is the launch of NROL-45, a classified payload which launched last February from Vandenberg AFB in southern California. If it looks all weird and stretchy, your browser doesn’t support 360 videos; try another one.  It’s well worth it!


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