ISS has its first new room since 2011!

ISS has its first new room since Discovery installed the Leonardo PMM (previously MPLM) in February of 2011!  Mind you, they can’t move into the new room yet; the module won’t be inflated and pressurized until May 26.  To minimize risk, NASA wants to wait until traffic around the station is quiet.  Right now, they’ve got a lot of visiting spacecraft: two Soyuz, two Progress, a Cygnus, and a Dragon.  BEAM will ultimately add 16 cubic meters of habitable volume to the station.

This timelapse video from shows the installation sequence, starting with activation of the aft Common Berthing Mechanism on the Tranquility module, to the SSRMS parking the DEXTRE robot so it would be free to grapple the BEAM, to extraction from Dragon’s trunk, to swinging it around into position, to a view from a camera inside the BEAM’s berthing mechanism, used for alignment purposes, so you can see it coming right in.


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