Next Soyuz crew launch delayed to July due to flight software issues

The next Soyuz launch is scheduled to debut the new Soyuz-MS variant, a more modern vehicle, and was originally scheduled for the end of this month.  However, Roscosmos has now officially delayed it, probably into July, due to concerns about the flight software.  The same software is on the new Progress-MS, which debuted in December but the next flight of which will likely also be delayed while they resolve the problem.  The concern is that upon arrival, the spacecraft could be put into an uncontrollable roll, which is not a suitable manner in which to approach the station, of course.  Tentatively, Soyuz has pushed into what was Progress’ slot, July 7, and Progress is slipping out to the following week.

But, this is spaceflight.  Hurrying gets people dead.  It is much better to take the time to get it right and assure yourself that it is right than to rush ahead and find out the hard way.



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