Here’s just something quick and ridiculous to enjoy.  😉

Note: this story will best be understood by MST3K fans. To everybody else, this is a crossover with a marvellously horrible movie called Manos: the Hands of Fate. Don’t forget the “Haunting Torgo Theme!”
[The desert near El Paso, Texas. The camera pans across the desolation for about 20 seconds and then cuts to a shot of a tumble-down house. Cut to a close-up of a sign proclaiming “VALLEY LODGE” in really narrow letters. The TARDIS materializes in the house’s driveway and the 5th
Doctor steps out, followed by Tegan and Nyssa.]

TEGAN: Is *this* where we’re spending our holiday?
DOCTOR: Perfect rest after the Mara, don’t you agree?
NYSSA: I don’t like it, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Yes. Well, admittedly I had meant to land us in Cancun. We seem to be rather north of there. Still, this seems like a decent place to spend the night, don’t you think?

[Cut to a shot of an odd-looking man, leaning against the house. He is wearing a coat that Rimmer would describe as his “best flashing mac” and an old, beat-up hat. Instead of feet he has cloven hooves, and his knees are positively enormous. He stands with the aid of a stick
shaped like a hand. When he speaks, it is haltingly.]

MAN: You must….go. The Master does…n’t ap….provve of visi…tors. You must go.
DOCTOR: <flashing an open, honest grin> Oh, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.
NYSSA: Doctor, the Master!
DOCTOR: Quiet, Nyssa. <to the man> Ah, I’m the Doctor, and this is Nyssa and Tegan.

[The man ponders this for a while, then speaks.]

MAN: I am…..Torgo. I take…care of the place…while the….Mmmmaster is away.


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