Voyagers, by Santiago Menghini

As the content of this blog amply demonstrates, space is one of my favorite things.  I’ve been interested in space since early childhood, but the thing that really sparked my love for it was the Voyager mission.  When I was a kid, my parents had a VCR, and had taped a NOVA special about the Voyagers.  I watched the heck out of that tape as a little kid, like a kid today might rewatch “Frozen” or “My Little Ponies”.  And then of course “Star Trek: the Motion Picture” came out, and gave me all the more reason to love that spacecraft.  V’Ger is still my favorite Star Trek monster, in a lot of ways.  😉

So I really have a soft spot for these astonishing spacecraft, among the most powerful probes ever flown, and both still operational today as they approach their 40th anniversaries.  And that’s why I absolutely must share this video.  I saw it linked over at io9 and immediately knew it was something special.  It’s a condensed tribute to the mission, with some lovely animated segments interspersed with old documentary footage and real Voyager imagery and data.  Oh, and the music is from the Golden Record that each Voyager carries into the abyss — selections chosen by the Voyager team to commemorate humanity to whomever or whatever may find either Voyager in the far distant future.

Meanwhile, China has made an important step forward with their manned space program, but it’s quite late tonight and I’m pooped, so I hope to write about that tomorrow.  😉  Good night!


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