The Falcons come home to roost

Outside SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorne, CA, the company has started its very own rocketpark with the installation of their first recovered Falcon 9 booster as a vertical static display.  They had to get permission from the FAA due to proximity to Hawthorne Municipal Airport, but the rocket will now go on permanent display, visible to anyone passing by.  It’s been thoroughly scrubbed of exhaust, restoring it to as near to its original pristine white as possible, although the Merlin engine bells are not particularly pristine looking anymore, and a few extras have been added, such as spikes to discourage birds from roosting on its waffle-like grid fins.

Aug 20,2016. Hawthorn CA. SpaceX first  Falcon 9 rocket  that launch and return back home on a drone ship after itÕs launch in Dec-2015 it put up at a trophy in front of the SpaceX QH Saturday . The Rocket  is 156 ft tall at 50,000 pounds and  was lifted with 2 cranes and put in front it's building at Crenshaw Blvd. and Jack Northrop Ave.   Photo by Gene Blevins/LA DailyNews

For a full set of images of the installation, check out the article at SpaceflightNow.

And the most recent recovered booster has just returned to shore; the booster from the JCSAT-16 launch arrived at Port Canaveral over the weekend:


It’s rather exciting to see this all becoming routine, is it not?


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