Vandenberg Wildfire Status: 70% Contained, One Fatality

A sad update on the Vandenberg wildfire: although crews as of this morning had the fire 70% contained, it has now claimed its first victim.  Well, not directly.  A firefighter responding to the fire was killed when his water truck overturned on the way in to fight the fire.  The Santa Ana winds fanning the fire also make it more difficult for top-heavy firefighting equipment to navigate the dangerous roads in the area.  Keep his family in your thoughts; the firefighters who tackle wildfires are a special breed, who take extra risks the rest of us would never contemplate.

Crews are making significant progress fighting the fire, however, and off-base evacuation orders have now been lifted.  The base is expected to soon return to normal operations.  What everybody really needs down there, though, is some rain.  The longstanding Southern California drought has greatly elevated the fire risks.


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