The mesmerizing beauty of Earth’s ocean of air

I’ve been offline for a while now; very busy at work and on the homefront, and so I’ve had no time to blog.  Technically, I don’t have time tonight either, but I felt I had to check in for a change.  Because there is something very beautiful that I have found, and you need to see it.  It showed up on Astronomy Picture of the Day earlier this week, and I’ve been using it as sort of a stress reliever ever since.  Do check it out.  The data is nearly live; if you flip back through the past weeks’ worth, it’s fascinating to watch hurricanes form and then dissolve, to watch weather systems move over your home town, and to just see the *flow*.  Click and drag to see different parts of the planet; use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.  Click the word “Earth” in the lower left corner to change to different data — default is surface wind speed, but you can also move upwards through the the atmosphere, or add overlays of surface temperature, relative humidity, chance of precipitation, and more.  The “waves” option is quite hypnotic.  Check it out!


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