China complete their Tianlian tracking and data relay satellite constellation

China has made no secret of their ambitions to have a world-class human spaceflight program, going beyond mere publicity stunts, and last week they completed one of the major elements for that: the fourth Tianlian tracking and data relay satellite.  These four geostationary commsats will cooperate to relay information from Chinese spacecraft to ground stations, allowing the same uninterrupted 24/7 high bandwidth communications that NASA has long enjoyed through its Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) constellation.  (Russia, by contrast, has relied on ground stations.  This is less of a handicap than one might think, given Russia’s enormous land area — although it can’t give them 24 hour coverage, their ground station coverage obviously dwarfs anyone else’s.)

Tianlian I-04 launched aboard a Long March 3C on November 22 from Xichang Launch Center.


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