Waiting for Series 10: What are the monks?

Series 10, set to be the finale for both Peter Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffatt, is shaping up to be epic.  So epic, in fact, that they’re doing a three-parter!  Well, sort of.  Scriptwriter Toby Whithouse has described episodes 6 through 8 as a “trilogy”.  6 is written by Steven Moffatt, 7 by Peter Harness, and 8 by Toby Whithouse.  It will be set in the present day and will feature Missy — as well as some extremely creepy looking Monks.  (Creepier than the Headless Monks?  Time will tell.)

At any rate, they do seem to have heads.  Maybe it’d be better if they didn’t….  But are they villains?  Victims?  Plot devices?  Massive misdirection?  I guess we’ll find out!  😉


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