Waiting for Series 11: Introducing the new sound of Doctor Who

Almost the entire crew is changing along with the cast for “Doctor Who” — but don’t be afraid; it’s been through this many, many times before.  😉  The latest addition is the composer, since Murray Gold announced that after ten seasons (plus the year of David Tennant specials and the 50th anniversary), he’s moving on.  And they’ve found someone really special: a relatively young but extremely talented Nigerian-British composer named Segun Akinola.  His work has a sweeping, cinematic style that I’m really looking forward to hearing more of.  I’m especially eager to see what he decides to do with the theme song, reimagined so many times since Delia Derbyshire first reworked Ron Grainer’s theme into pure magic.  But we will have to wait a while.  😉  No premier date has yet been released, but it will be at least a few more months.

In the meantime, check out Akinola’s other work on his Soundcloud page!  It’s amazing to just sit and listen to.

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