Space and Time in Great Britain: Doctor Who teaser, and the first British spaceport

My two favorite things, Doctor Who and spaceflight, get to come together today.  😉

First, of course, a belated look at the teaser trailer that dropped last weekend during the World Cup:

It reveals basically nothing, but I’m still doing my happy dance.  😉

And then, there’s an exciting new announcement from the UK government, Lockheed Martin, and British rocketry startup Orbex: the first orbital launch site in the UK has been selected.  On the A’Mhoine Peninsula in Sutherland, on Scotland’s northern coast, the site will be well positioned for polar and sun-synchronous launches.  In addition to the already agreed-upon use of Orbex’s still-in-development small launch vehicle, Lockheed is also talking with Rocket Labs about using their Electron launch vehicle.  Here’s Lockheed’s own little teaser trailer on the subject:

And that’s not even it for Brit-Space!  Virgin Orbit, which is aiming for their first orbital launch possibly as soon as next month out of the Mojave Air & Space Port, is now also developing plans to operate out of Cornwall as well.  Being run by Brits, they have a very strong interest in bringing Cosmic Girl and her under-wing launch vehicle home.  😉  They hope to thereby appeal to European and British satellite manufacturers, by being able to skip a costly and time consuming transatlantic shipment of their spacecraft to a launch site.  Here’s *their* teaser trailer, for Spaceport Cornwall:

It sure is an exciting time, isn’t it?  😉

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