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Waiting for Christmas: Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Trailer Is Out!

At ComicCon, the BBC premiered the trailer for this year’s Christmas special, and Peter Capaldi’s swansong.  The title is “Twice Upon a Time” and it’s a bona fide multiple Doctor adventure — the Twelfth, of course, but also the First, as portrayed by David Bradley.  We know very little, except that it’s set in World War One and something is wrong with time — also, neither incarnation of the Doctor wants to regenerate (confirming that for One, it’s happening alongside the events of “The Tenth Planet”, a clever use of the fact that the First Doctor was oddly absent for much of that serial, due to William Hartnell’s illness).  It will also feature yet another performance from Mark Gatiss, and a previously-kept-secret final appearance by Pearl Mackie as Bill!  I am so excited and so thrilled, and I love this trailer.  Now I just have to wait five months…..


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Merry Geekmas!

I’m not going to post a fanfic today.  It’s too crazy around the holidays.  😉  So instead, enjoy some Christmas geekery and other humorous miscellany, and have a very happy holiday season!  This is a playlist, so let it play through and it’ll go right into the next one.  Or, view it on YouTube and you can flip through them — I didn’t really put them in any particular order, after all.  Enjoy!


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Merry Christmas! Full moon, and some more rockets!

Merry Christmas, everybody!  Last evening was a full moon, the first Christmas full moon since 1977, and the last one until 2034.  (So naturally it was completely overcast here.)  Did you enjoy the bright Christmas night?

It was actually a white one after all here, even if just barely — the blades of grass are still peeking through the top of the snow.  Green grass, at that.  It’s been ridiculously warm for Minnesota.  But with the temperatures dropping at last, I’m sure the ski areas will be happy, and soon so will the ice fishermen.

We all watched the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch and landing, but that wasn’t the only interesting thing happening in spaceflight this week!  There was also a Progress spacecraft launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome.  It’s a new model of Progress, the Progress MS-1, launched aboard the newest variant of Soyuz, Soyuz 2-1A, which features new roll control capabilities (previously, the entire vehicle was rotated on its launch table prior to launch to select the correct azimuth) and improved engines.  Progress MS, meanwhile, adds use of the GLONASS navigation system, communication via Russian relay satellites (instead of relying always on ground stations), and the ability to carry nanosatellites to be carried on the Progress’ exterior and then launched while it is en route to Station.

And the Progress then docked on Wednesday:

And then on Christmas Eve, Proton made a spectacular night launch to place the Express AMU1/Eutelsat 36C geosynchronous commsat onto its transfer orbit:

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Hell Bent — we’re just hours away from the season finale!

The Doctor Who season finale, “Hell Bent”, is just around the corner.  And ooooh, it looks intriguing!  Advance reviews are favorable, and here’s the trailer:

And here’s an advance clip.  You always know it’s exciting when you hear the tolling of a Cloister Bell:

Also, as we look ahead to Christmas (not far off either at this point), the BBC has put together this lovely promo for all their Christmas offerings this year, narrated by Peter Capaldi and featuring the travails of an animated brussels sprout.  For the record, I love sprouts.  😉

And here’s a Christmas trailer featuring the actual shows they’ll be running, including glimpses of Doctor Who, including River Song:

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Sci-Fi Christmas Carols!

Let’s get in the mood for the season, shall we?  😉

For the Whovians:

For the Trekkies:

For the Star Wars fans:

For the Pratchett fans:

And for fangirls everywhere:


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ONE DAY TO GO!!! Strax explains Christmas

As always, Strax doesn’t quite grasp the human customs.  😉

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