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We’re Finally Getting a Multi-Master story!

Steven Moffat has teased us with the exciting news that John Simm will be returning this season – and yes, he’ll still be playing the Master!  And there will definitely be a face-to-face scene between his Master and Melissa Gomez’s Missy.  That should be interesting!
In all these years, we have never had a multi-Master story.  Honestly, it’s about time.

Permission to squee?



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Waiting for Series 10: What are the monks?

Series 10, set to be the¬†finale for both Peter Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffatt, is shaping up to be epic. ¬†So epic, in fact, that they’re doing a three-parter! ¬†Well, sort of. ¬†Scriptwriter Toby Whithouse has described episodes 6 through 8 as a “trilogy”. ¬†6 is written by Steven Moffatt, 7 by Peter Harness, and 8 by Toby Whithouse. ¬†It will be set in the present day and will feature Missy — as well as some extremely creepy looking¬†Monks. ¬†(Creepier than the Headless Monks? ¬†Time will tell.)

At any rate, they do seem to have heads. ¬†Maybe it’d be better if they didn’t…. ¬†But are they villains? ¬†Victims? ¬†Plot devices? ¬†Massive misdirection? ¬†I guess we’ll find out! ¬†ūüėČ

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Yes, it’s true: Peter Capaldi is moving on

It’s never easy, letting a Doctor go . . . whether they’re in for a year (Eccleston), two seasons (Colin Baker), the typical three, or the marathon seven that Tom Baker had, it’s still not easy to see them go. ¬†But! ¬†At least we get to find out while we still have a whole new season of Capaldi ahead of us! ¬†That makes it a bit easier. ¬†And he’s getting a new companion, who I hope can stick around to bridge into the new Doctor and the new showrunner for Series 11.

So what do we have to look forward to, in Capaldi’s final season as¬†“Doctor Eyebrows”, as my youngest daughter calls him?

  • the new companion, a girl named Bill
  • Bill, who is apparently a Prince fan
  • And we have two companions! ¬†Nardole is staying on after the last Christmas special, which means we have the first male companion since Rory, and the first¬†non-human companion (unless you stretch and count River Song) since Turlough in the early 80s.
  • the Movellans appear to be back! for the first time since “Destiny of the Daleks”, featuring Tom Baker and Lalla Ward in 1979 — if you’re not a classic Who fan, they’re beautiful androids who are completely opposed to the Daleks — and everybody else.
  • there have been rumors (sparked by a teasing remark by Peter Capaldi) that Clara is back in some form — however, Jenna Coleman says she did not record anything as Clara, and ruled out a cameo as well, so it sounds like something more oblique
  • Missy is back, however! ¬†The latest deliciously evil incarnation of the Doctor’s Time Lord nemesis will return.
  • The Ice Warriors are also back, again written by Mark Gatiss, and apparently featuring a new type of Ice Warrior — intriguing!
  • Alas, Peter Jackson directing still appears to be a pipe dream, unless they’ve managed to really shock us all with some amazing secret shooting

So, there are some nice juicy hints in there!  What more may be waiting for us?


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Doctor Who set pics from Tenerife!

Oh my gosh, but Series Nine cannot come soon enough. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†It looks like the series premier might actually be set in Tenerife, rather than its volcanic moonscapes standing in for . . . well, the Moon. ¬†Or Karn. ¬†Or Sarn. ¬†Or someplace like that. ¬†Though I certainly wouldn’t rule out an alien planet for part of the filming. ¬†Anyway, check these pics out.

Clara gets out of a car, surrounded by ominous Men in Black types:



The Men in Black (UNIT undercover? Secret Service? Auton duplicates? Who knows!) are keeping the area covered:




Clara is going to meet someone at a table:


Hmmm, is that . . . ?


It is!!! ¬†Missy’s back!


Permission to SQUEE!!!!!!

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Waiting for Series Nine: Missy’s back, in a big way

Spoilers ahoy! ¬†Well, mild ones. ¬†ūüėČ

Casting announcements reveal that the first story of the new season will be a two-parter. ¬†(Followed by another two-parter! ¬†Yay, we’re getting cliffhangers back!) ¬†And the cast list includes Michelle Gomez as the sinister Missy. ¬†The first part is “The Magician’s Apprentice” and the second part is “The Witch’s Familiar”, which certainly sounds intriguing, does it not? ¬†Also appearing will be Jemma Redgrave as Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, so UNIT’s making an appearance. ¬†TWo other actresses have been announced who have had intriguing prior appearances on¬†Doctor Who, but of course there’s no word on who they are playing. ¬†They are Kelly Hunter (who played the Shadow Architect of the Shadow Proclamation in “The Stolen Earth”) and Clare Higgins (who played Ohila of the Sisterhood of Karn in “Night of the Doctor”). ¬†If they are playing the same parts as before, this could be very interesting indeed. ¬†If not, well, they’re excellent actresses, so I’m sure they’ll be a delight in any case. ¬†Directing the opening two-parter is yet another woman, Hettie MacDonald, who also directed “Blink”, so it’s safe to say expectations are high.

Ooooh, Series Nine cannot start soon enough!

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Witness Actual Minds Blowing

Whovians see the big Missy reveal in “Dark Water” (spoilers, naturally). ¬†ūüėČ

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