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Stuff going up and down again: PSLV and Cygnus!

First off, India’s PSLV made another successful flight, racking up its quota of successful low-cost launches to Earth orbit!  In fact, it set a domestic record, carrying 20 satellites to orbit on this mission, easily a record for India, for customers in Indonesia, Canada, Germany, and the United States, including a Google payload.

Secondly, the Cygnus spacecraft from Orbital Sciences has completed its mission at the ISS and its post-ISS mission to conduct a fire experiment called SAFIRE.  There will be more SAFIRE tests on future Cygnus flights, to better understand how fire propagates (or doesn’t) in weightlessness at scales not possible inside of crewed spacecraft for safety reasons.

Here’s raw video of the actual flames observed inside of Cygnus’ SAFIRE experiment module:

Then, yesterday, Cygnus fired its engines one last time to auger itself in over the South Pacific, carrying one last experiment: REBR, a Re-Entry Breakup Recorder, a device that has been flown on a few other returning disposable spacecraft such as ATV and HTV, to better understand how the breakup happens during reentry, with an eye to improving safety for the vehicles we want to actually survive the process.  Waste not, want not.  😉

This particular Cygnus was named the SS Rick Husband, in honor of the late commander of STS-107, the final flight of Columbia.


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