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X-37B is home! (UPDATED)

Update: video of today’s landing is now up!

The first X-37B spacecraft has returned from its second trip into space (third for the program, as there are two vehicles), which lasted a record-setting 675 days, the greatest duration for any reusable spacecraft.  It landed at Vandenberg AFB in Florida this morning.  This is expected to be its final landing in Florida; the Air Force has leased one of the old Space Shuttle bays at the Orbiter Processing Facility at Kennedy Space Center to be its new home, and future landings are expected to take place on the Shuttle Landing Facility strip.  This will be a money-saving move to avoid having to ship it across the entire continent between flights.  X-37B is cheaper to move than Shuttle was, but it’s still a substantial expense.

Here’s the video of today’s landing:


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