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American Whovians, we’ve got a treat coming!

Exclusively in US theaters, Dark Waters/Death in Heaven is getting a limited 3D theatrical release, and it will be accompanied by some extra treats, in the form of an interview of the stars by Wil Wheaton, and an exclusive prequel to next season: “The Doctor’s Meditation”.

Tickets go on sale Friday, July 31 at fathomevents.com.  Woohoo!!!!



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Doctor Who set pics from Tenerife!

Oh my gosh, but Series Nine cannot come soon enough.  😉  It looks like the series premier might actually be set in Tenerife, rather than its volcanic moonscapes standing in for . . . well, the Moon.  Or Karn.  Or Sarn.  Or someplace like that.  Though I certainly wouldn’t rule out an alien planet for part of the filming.  Anyway, check these pics out.

Clara gets out of a car, surrounded by ominous Men in Black types:



The Men in Black (UNIT undercover? Secret Service? Auton duplicates? Who knows!) are keeping the area covered:




Clara is going to meet someone at a table:


Hmmm, is that . . . ?


It is!!!  Missy’s back!


Permission to SQUEE!!!!!!

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Shut up, shut up, shuttity up-up-up!

Supercuts can get a bit long sometimes, but this one’s just right.  It made me laugh, anyway.  😉  So just shut up and enjoy it!

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Doctor Who finale trailers!!!!

The trailers for “Death In Heaven” are now out!  TV trailer:

Awesome radio trailer:

And promo pics are at this link!

Oh my gosh they left us with questions after last weekend.  But we have to wait a whole week to find the answers…..

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Waiting for Series Eight: Another Teaser! “Listen!”

It’s nice, it’s dramatic, it’s not something we’ve seen already . . . but dang it’s short.  These teasers sure do tease….

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Waiting for Series Eight: New Promo Shot from “Deep Breath”!

“Deep Breath” is the title of the upcoming feature-length Series Eight premier of Doctor Who, which will introduce us to the Twelfth Doctor.  And the BBC has released a new picture for us, as August gets a teensy bit closer.  😉  Clara is clearly slipping right into the Victorian look, while the Doctor appears to be between costumes still….


Entertainment Weekly: First look: Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in ‘Doctor Who’

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Waiting for Series 8: Third Teaser Trailer!

It’s still frustratingly short at 20 seconds, but it’s getting a bit more interesting….


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