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Going Up and Coming Down: Ariane V’s heaviest load, and Soyuz TMA-19M Returns

Two big spaceflight events today. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Ariane V blasted off from Kourou in French Guiana, carrying EchoStar 18 andBRISat. ¬†Combined, they represented the heaviest payload ever launched by the mighty Ariane V. ¬†EchoStar 15 will serve DISH television¬†customers in the United States, while BRISat will provide secure satellite communication links for financial transactions in Indonesia, a nation distributed across many islands and therefore heavily dependent on radio communications.

And on the other side of the planet, Soyuz TMA-19M descended to the plains of Kazakhstan. ¬†The descent was nominal. ¬†The three crew are in good health:¬†Yuri Malenchenko¬†(Ukrainian, flying for Russia), Tim Kopra (United States)¬†and Tim Peake (United Kingdom, flying for ESA). ¬†It’s kind of a noisy replay; I assume that’s noise from the recovery helicopter that is carrying the camera. ¬†You can jump to 5:20 if you want to see the soft landing thrusters fire.


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